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Whereas no one was essentially asking for an origin story movie about Toy Story character Buzz Lightyear, the mixed powers of Disney and Pixar certain appear intent on making such an idea look as interesting and epic as attainable. Significantly: when you assume the idea seems like a straight-to-VHS cash-in on paper, we strongly encourage that you simply watch Wednesday’s dramatic reveal of Lightyear, coming “to theaters” (and no point out of Disney+ to date) on June 17, 2022.

The movie’s debut 90-second trailer, embedded beneath, skips over the vital context present in its “learn extra” crawl on YouTube, which means that the toy model of Buzz Lightyear, who was embraced by Toy Story‘s Andy as a toy, an animated sequence character, a online game star, and extra, was primarily based on another person totally. As Disney Pixar explains:

The sci-fi action-adventure presents the definitive origin story of Buzz Lightyear—the hero who impressed the toy—introducing the legendary House Ranger who would win generations of followers.

Nevertheless, this description does not make clear whether or not the extra realistic-looking model of Lightyear in subsequent yr’s movie is as actual within the Toy Story model of Earth as characters like Andy (and that this model of our planet is patrolled by “House Ranger” astronauts) or if that is one other fictional story inside that world, from which extra cartoonish Buzz Lightyear variations finally adopted. Whereas ready for Al “Hen Man” McWhiggin to return our emails on the query, we as an alternative discovered a definitive reply at Leisure Weekly, whose reporter Nick Romano interviewed movie director Angus MacLane on the matter.

“Within the Toy Story universe, [Lightyear] can be like a film that possibly Andy would have seen, that might have made him desire a Buzz Lightyear determine,” MacLane explains to EW. In different phrases: it is as if the Michael Keaton model of Batman got here earlier than the campier Adam West flip. (Additionally, if supersonic, interstellar area journey exists on Andy’s Earth, it has but to be chronicled with definitive logic and science by Disney Pixar. We’ll hold ready for that spinoff.)

Lightyear‘s premiere teaser emphasizes exploration and quite a lot of interstellar locales, because it’s in any other case principally devoid of any dialogue—with the huge exception of recent character voice actor Chris Evans (Captain America) providing an abbreviated blurt of “and…” at its conclusion. He says this to his obvious crewmate, a brand new character named Alicia Hawthorne, who begins the sentence with the acquainted call-out of “to infinity.” As of press time, Hawthorne’s voice actor is uncredited—although all through the trailer, we see this new character in each full House Ranger regalia and in additional subdued control-room garb, so she’s more likely to determine largely within the remaining movie.

In case you’re on the lookout for an epic sci-fi universe worthy of Andy’s childhood adoration, this trailer has it in spades. A swampy, Dagobah-like planet, which Lightyear examines with a rusty, bipedal droid at his facet. A NASA-grade preparation, countdown, and launch sequence, punctuated by a mysterious energy supply being loaded right into a spaceship. A hyperspeed blast of a one-man spacecraft towards and previous an obvious model of Earth’s Solar. Lightyear’s eerie, lonely stare-down of a colonized, Mars-like planet whereas wearing sweats. A harrowing dive by way of inky-black area, with the one mild coming from his personal deteriorating spaceship. And a creepy, speaking robo-cat that Lightyear apparently befriends sooner or later however is clearly reluctant about.

The trailer is punctuated by arguably the 18 quadrillionth use of David Bowie’s “Starman” in a movie trailer, albeit with its conventional guitars and percussion changed by a full string part and thunderous drums. In the present day’s reveal caps off a imprecise point out that sneaked previous quite a lot of followers in March of this yr, when Disney’s huge slate of inner, Marvel, Pixar, Fox, and different studios’ movies included a text-only blurb on one thing known as “Lightyear” coming in June 2022. That is apparently what this movie is, although a ton of questions—notably about connections to different fictional characters within the Buzz Lightyear toy-verse—will probably stay unanswered till the movie will get nearer to its theatrical launch.

Lightyear premiere trailer.

Itemizing picture by Disney Pixar

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