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AWS courses aim to provide the knowledge and skills necessary to attain AWS certification. This, in turn, provides IT professionals with demonstrable skills that are widely sought after by employers. One survey conducted in 2018, suggested that AWS certification could increase a professional’s average salary by 20{2d266c2b7f7b21b9d5247541775384085ff4c78fbe34d1f6195ea0b207eacd24} on average.

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AWS stands for “Amazon Web Services.” This is the most widely used cloud platform in the world, with a roughly 33{2d266c2b7f7b21b9d5247541775384085ff4c78fbe34d1f6195ea0b207eacd24} market share for IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Companies use the 175+ services provided by Amazon to handle storage, database management, IoT, security, machine learning, and more.

But with so many AWS courses available, how do you know which one is right for you? Read on, and we will explore the best AWS courses available right now.

Editor’s note: We will update this list periodically as new courses are studied or made available. Some of these are available elsewhere online, but if you snag them from the Android Authority store, you’ll save money and help support our writers!

The 2020 Ultimate AWS Certification Training Bundle2020 Ultimate AWS Certification

The 2020 Ultimate AWS Certification Training Bundle has a lot of excellent features that make it among the best choices if you are looking for AWS courses. Firstly, it is fully up-to-date with “2020” right there in the title! Secondly, it actually contains six separate courses, each one aimed at a different path/certificate. If you are unsure about which certificate you need specifically, or you hope to take more than one exam, this will offer amazing long-term value.

The bundle is usually priced at $274 but is currently available for $59.99 for Android Authority readers – so don’t wait around!

Why you should buy

  • Up-to-date
  • 6 courses for the price of one
  • Suitable for multiple different “paths”

Why you should pass

  • Not all AWS courses will be relevant for those with a specific certification in mind
The 2020 Ultimate AWS Certification Training Bundle Buy it Now

Save $214 .01 $59 .99

AWS Solution Architect Certification Training BundleAWS Solution Architect Certification Training Bundle

Those looking to offer a range of cloud services for clients and employers will often be best serviced by a Solutions Architect Certification. This AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Bundle is aimed precisely at that audience. Students will learn how to select the best AWS services for an organization, operate the AWS management console, and design and employ scalable solutions.

The course contains 22 hours of study material and is available to Android Authority readers for just $49 – that’s 92{2d266c2b7f7b21b9d5247541775384085ff4c78fbe34d1f6195ea0b207eacd24} off the usual $649 asking price.

Why you should buy

  • Perfect for AWS Solutions Architects
  • Suitable for all experience levels
  • A large amount of content
  • Leads directly to certification

Why you should pass

  • Only focusses on the architect path
AWS Solution Architect Certification Training Bundle Buy it Now

Save $600 .00 $49 .00

The AWS Certification Training Master Class BundleAWS Certification Training Master Class Bundle

The AWS Certification Training Master Class Bundle represents a comprehensive education in AWS services. This is a fantastic choice for beginners that incorporates introductory subjects as well as specific AWS products (such as Amazon S3 for storage). This bundle will take you all the way to preparation for professional certificates, as a Solutions Architect or SysOps Associate. All across 9 different AWS courses.

This bundle enjoys the biggest discount on this list so far, if you act quickly. Android Authority readers can get 95{2d266c2b7f7b21b9d5247541775384085ff4c78fbe34d1f6195ea0b207eacd24} off the cost of the package, bringing it down from $1,447 to just $59.

Why you should buy

  • Perfect for beginners
  • Includes useful training in specific skills
  • Includes an introduction to Lambda
  • Trains up to certification

Why you should pass

  • Courses vary in value and complexity
The AWS Certification Training Master Class Bundle Buy it Now

Save $1388 .00 $59 .00

Pay What You Want: The Complete Amazon Web Services eBook Bundle

Pay What You Want The Complete Amazon Web Services Bundle

When it comes to great value, you can’t do better than $1! As a “Pay What You Want” offer, that’s exactly the amount you’ll need to pay to enjoy not one but six separate eBooks with a combined total value of $215.94.

Compared with AWS courses, eBooks allow you to learn at your own pace and pick and choose the precise information you need. And with such a low asking price, there is really no risk and no reason not to start learning AWS.

Considering what AWS certification can do for your eventual salary, the AWS Certification Training Master Class Bundle has got to be one of the best deals out there in terms of return on investment!

Why you should buy

  • Pay what you want!
  • Learn at your own pace
  • A great selection of books

Why you should pass

  • Lacks the structure of AWS courses
  • No specific preparation for certificates
Pay What You Want: The Complete Amazon Web Services eBook Bundle Buy it Now

Save $214 .94 $1 .00

DevOps on AWSDevOps on AWS

While many AWS courses focus on the Architect path, DevOps on AWS is aimed squarely at those looking to gain a dev ops certification (SysOps Administrator or Developer Associate). The course is a steal at just $19 and includes 37 lessons. You’ll learn how to automate the process of testing and deploying applications and to set up the necessary infrastructure on AWS.

Why you should buy

  • Great for those with an interest in DevOps
  • Suitable for beginners
  • Relatively short to complete

Why you should pass

  • Less content than some others
  • No certifcate for completion
  • Only this path is covered

AWS Cloud Essentials CourseAWS Cloud Essentials Course

If you want to quickly learn the basics of AWS without breaking the bank, then AWS Cloud Essentials is the course for you. This course distills all the basics of AWS into one hour of content, available for just $19.99 (normally $200).

This course is ideal for those that are curious about AWS but don’t want to fully commit to a long course. That said, the amount of content and inherent value is a significant step down from other options on this list.

Why you should buy

  • Very quickly grasp the basics of AWS

Why you should pass

  • Only one hour of content
  • Does not prepare you for an exam

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